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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  September 20, 2015 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. happening now -- historic visit. pope francis in cuba. greeted by cheering crowd. abc's terry moran getting the handshake, as we're live in havana this morning for the big mass. plus, the pope's message to americans ahead of his u.s. visit. >> see you in philadelphia! telling it to the judge. the man accused of terrifying motorists as the phoenix freeway suspect speaks out in court. >> i didn't have access to a weapon. >> will his alibi stick? no apology, donald trump defending himself this morning over how he handled a supporter. >> am i morally obligated to defend the president?
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i don't think so. right? >> as hillary puts on her dancing shoes. despite the slumping polls. and a crazy play. ole miss and alabama. the quarterback scramble. the helmet ricochet. what happens next is the biggest college upset of the year. go big or go home and good sunday morning. dan is off today. rob, you're back. it's great to have you back. >> great to have you here. this morning, all eyes are on cuba and the pope's visit to the communist nation. ahead of his trip to the u.s. people are lining the streets to welcome him. waving flags out their windows. the visit seen as a breath of hope blowing over this country. >> and this morning the pope offering mass in havana's revolution square, the political heart of cuba. as excitement building here as
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well with his stops in washington, new york and philadelphia. abc's terry moran, who's been with the pope ever since he left the vatican, joins us now from havana. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, rob. a hot and muggy morning here in havana, as dawn breaks and music starts. but historic as you point out. they're expecting more than a million people here in revolution square, commemorating the communist revolution of 1959. but they are here, today, to hear the pope from latin america, from argentina, preach a very different kind of revolution. it's the francis' effect on the streets of havana. thousands of cubans, many waving the papal flag. he's the first pope from the new world and a stop here in cuba just before he comes to the united states is meant to strengthen that diplomatic breakthrough he helped broker between the two countries last year.
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about healing historic wounds. and bringing together people who have been spread apart. >> reporter: onboard the papal plan on route, pope came back to greet each reporter. he urged the media to join this work. build bridges, he told us, adding, make a big bridge for peace. meanwhile in d.c., philadelphia and new york, they're getting ready for the pope. he'll arrive in the states on tuesday, but he's already reaching out to americans about his visit to the world meeting of families, releasing a rare video message in english. >> i will be there, because you will be there. see you in philadelphia! >> reporter: the pope is said to be practicing his english.
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in the united states will be scrutinized around the country this man lives in response to the present moment. you. today, he'll be with them. rob. >> terry, i'm sure that's a moment for you. you have met countless head of states. what exactly is it like traveling with the pope? >> reporter: you know, rob, it's a thrill traveling with the holy father. first, as one of my friends said, you feel safe up there at 35,000 feet, you just do. but also, it's a very formal environment. pope is up there. as he goes over every country invoking blessings in the air space and then, of course, the food is pretty good, it's an alitalia is all italian wines.
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the bottom line is, he doesn't like all that pomp and circumstance. you can tell that. he sent us back the dish of argentina so that we felt closer to him. he's an interesting man, this's for sure. >> i would hope he keeps you safe, terry, and we have high confidence in your travels. terry moran live from cuba, thank you. >> what an extraordinary opportunity for terry. how can you not feel safe while you're traveling with the pope. and we turn now to arizona where police have a suspect in custody in connection with the phoenix freeway shootings. but they're still shooting for a motive. leslie allen merritt jr. was arrested in those shootings. appearing in court, telling the judge they got, quote, the wrong guy. we get more from abc's kanya whitworth. >> reporter: good morning to you. investigators are describing it as limited. saying, this investigation is still very much ongoing. even though they have their
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prime suspect of four of these shootings in jail. he maintains this morning he's not the one responsible for these freeway shootings. this morning, leslie allen merritt jr. facing possibly charges. residents fearing for their >> the person almost took me away from my family. >> reporter: investigators say that a gun pawned by merritt junior was the same gun used in at least four of the freeway shootings, including this one, that injured a 12-year-old girl. >> i'm the wrong guy. i didn't have access to a weapon. >> reporter: a local ballistics expert said by studying physical evidence found after shootings the police can rule out several firearms and start from there. >> the investigators are being very cautious as they should. >> reporter: investigators say determining after test-firing several guns,
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>> as long it's not fired thousands of time between the incident and the time it's collected it should be pretty easy to match. >> reporter: but merritt has maintained that the gun has been at the pawnshop for at least two months. >> if he committed a gun, he has more sense to pawn said firearm because it links directly back to you. >> reporter: police say the shooting also spurring a string of copy-cats, which authorities are still on the hunt for. while they say progress has made this isn't over. >> we're continuing to analyze evidence and investigating this case. this case is still ongoing. >> now because of the substantial fear in this community right now and, with the state considers the intense nature of these crimes, merritt's bond has been set at a million dollar cash. >> thank you. now to politics. it's your voice, your vote. donald trump back on the campaign trail and defending how he handled a supporter's comments on president obama.
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hillary clinton ags weighing in. abc's devin dwyer is at the white house with more on this this morning. >> reporter: this latest controversy with donald trump isn't what he said it's what he didn't say. this morning, donald trump is unapologetic and under fire. >> the future president of the united states of america! >> reporter: the high school homecoming with high fives from trump. the gop front-runner crashing the party with some sobering advice. >> if you can stay away from alcohol, it's a big advantage. >> reporter: wisdom from a man one magazine compared to a founding father. trump has the famous hair and the christian faith. >> i brought my bible. >> reporter: trump telling iowa conservatives saturday that he'll defend liberties. >> we have a problem in this country, it's called muslims. you know our current president is one. >> reporter: trump didn't
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dispute that statement. at a rally thursday. now he's defending himself. >> am i morally obligated to defend the president? i don't think so. right. >> reporter: trump said he didn't want to interfere with free speech. >> a no-win situation. do we agree? >> reporter: the backlash has been fierce, in new hampshire, hillary clinton is making trump her top target. >> he's been trafficking prejudice and paranoia throughout this campaign. >> reporter: she's slumping in the polls, but tried not to look bothered. senator bernie sanders surges ahead. >> some people are ready for a political revolution. >> reporter: clinton telling abc news she's not feeling far behind. >> what do you think of the crowd. >> unbelievable. it's amazing. >> reporter: now, clinton heads back to iowa this week where
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meanwhile, all eyes on joe biden. a group urging him to run, they have seen an 800% increase in supporters. in just the past week, paula. for more politics we want to bring in george stephanopoulos who will be hosting "this week" a little bit later this morning. george, thanks for being here. let's call him teflon trump. any time he says inflammatory it hasn't resonated in the poll. but he seems to have lost a little traction after the debate, do you sense a shift now >> that's the big question. it wasn't donald trump's best night this week. no question. and marco rubio. the questions coming out this, is if donald trump took a fall can he recover? can carly fiorina actually make enough of her time in the spotlight? we'll find out in the coming days. joe biden, those rumblings are getting louder and louder.
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is it a matter of when not if at this point? >> i'm not sure. here's what we know, we know that biden and his team are doing everything they can to put the pieces for a campaign in place if indeed he does decide to run. they're talking to political operatives. they're talking to fund-raisers. he's out there on the stump. we don't know what's inside of joe biden's mind. i'm confident that he hasn't fully made up his mind. we also don't know when would be the best moment for bide on the get in, if indeed he does. there's a lot of watch. >> a majority of democrats want him to get in that race, 6 out of 10 democrats at this point want him to race. george, thanks for joining us. george is prepping for a big show this morning, donald trump and marco rubio are on the show. all coming up "this week" later this morning right here on abc. rob, it's political theater. now an update on the 10-year-old florida boy sickened after a termite fumigation at
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his family is now taking legal action. and abc's mara schiavocampo is here with more on this sad story. >> reporter: it's a really sad story. the family's lawyers saying the home wasn't properly ventilated. before the family was allowed back in. they say peyton may have suffered permanent brain damage. this morning, peyton's family filing a lawsuit against term terminix and sub akron tractor sunland, alleging family back in their home after a following after treatment. >> because of that, unfortunately, has sustained a very terrible, traumatic brain injury. >> reporter: after the expose to pesticides, peayton lost motor control and his ability to speak. he's now out of the hospital and in rehab. a family spokesman said he'll
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stolen from him. >> reporter: the family have hired a sub akron tractor to fumigate their home. their home, the mccaugheys fell ill. the family's lawyer said this never should have happened. and could have been avoided. >> properly fumigate your home. when the job is done, they have a duty to make certain that the home is fumigated, the fumigation, the chemicals are dissipated and properly ventilated out. dangers. >> reporter: in a previous statement to abc news, terminix this and our hearts with the family. we're carefully reviewing the matter. back in florida, peyton continues his physical, occupation and speech therapies. the family has set up a go fund me page. to hope with expenses peyton's care.
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his own and no one, not even his doctors, know if he'll make a full recovery. the hope here is, because he's young the brain will reroute some of those pathways and he'll be able to recover some motor function. >> fumigations happen all over usually safe. >> it's an unusual story. it's turned the family upside-down. it's a very sad story. >> we're pulling for him. >> absolutely we are. we want to check in with ron looking at other top stories. including another possible migrant crisis. >> good morning to you, paula and rob. we begin overseas and the search for dozens of migrants missing after their boat sank. coast guards officials in greece say a boat carrying 24 people sunk off the coast of lesbos. at least 10,000 migrants to
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look at this, burning boat off the coast of galveston, texas. a man called to report a fire. the coast guard, the man who had the made call, safely rescued all four people on that boat. the fire is believed to have been started in the vessel's engine room. and a london-bound plane taking off from jfk was grounded saturday after the wing of that aircraft hit a fence. the packed virgin atlantic plane was being pushed back by a tug. airline officials apologized for the delay. a photo shows the right wing tip pushed up against that fence. you see it right there. and tributes are pouring in after the death of best-selling author jackie collins. collins dubbed queen of the romance novel, sold over 500 million copies in 40 countries.
8:16 am
collins tweeting an old photo. oprah winfrey also paying tribute. jackie collins died of breast cancer, she was 77 years of age. and now to golf, a wild putt at the bmw championship, you may not have heard of south african sangmoon bae, but check out this putt that he made from 117 feet from the hole. rob can do this, right in there. oddly enough, the crowd was excited. but bae seemed pretty calm and cool about it. this longest putt made from 2003. it was eagle. bae is still 18 shots back of the jason day. he's well back. still in the world of sports, what's being called the biggest upset in college football so far this year. only third week. ole miss stunning alabama.
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i think rob said alabama would win that game. he was wrong. among the key plays, opening play of third quarter. quarterback losing control of the snap. you see it here. he hit the defender on the head, his helmet. the ball was caught. >> crazy. >> crazy. bouncing off the helmet there. the final score, i believe, was, what, 43-37. >> yeah. >> alabama did score 20 in the fourth quarter. >> one fan was having a rough time with that loss. slumped over. slumped over like i was after stanford defeated usc. >> i'm sorry about that. are you okay? >> they play again next week. >> okay. rob, once again, you're a very busy man this morning. lightning on the football field and off of it. >> check it out.
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when i sit next to paula, she can actually look at my cheat sheet. >> yes. it's very cool.
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of course, lightning is >> can i just say how impressed i am with you? not even wearing your tennis shoes, sprinting back and forth on the set. look at you, you have dress shoes on. >> stop it, paula. >> rachel smith, always nice to have you with us. >> well, thank you, rob. >> you'll be back later with some "pop news." >> you don't want ron to do "pop news"?
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i'll do "pop news," how about that? >> maybe another time. >> do i get to ask the questions for hometown trivia? >> okay, possibly. >> fall is coming up in the next weather segment. coming up only "good morning america" -- a terrified teen home alone with thieves break in. plus, break-ins hitting close to home. do thieves have a new way to gain access to your house? it's "gma on the lookout." and, rolling out the red carpet tonight. it's the primetime emmy awards and history could be made in the best leading actress category. details ahead in "pop news." >> with ron, right? >> "pop news" with ron. >> we would love to see that. "good morning america" is brought to you by bush's beans. make your chili better with bush's beans. simmered in our flavorful chili sauce.
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"good morning america" is and coming up on "good morning america" -- a teen home alone when burglars break in, what she did next to get the cops rushing to her door. you're going to find out, next, on "good morning america." keep it here. cops rushing to her door. you'll find out, next, on "good
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keep it here. good morning. it's sunday, september 20th. i'm toni yates.
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the inker alcohol houses just before 10:00 this morning. two men were shot and pronounced dead at the scene. police are questioning one person, but no suspects have been released. police released this picture of the suspect, and joseph gago intentionally hit a
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oh, yes, a whole lot of drama. can we show this on morning tv? i think they're just talking to one another. premiere week starting tomorrow. "scandal," joining "grey's anatomy," "how to get away with murder," "modern family." we have "muppets," "castle." can we just keep going and going? a whole lot premiering this week, so get your popcorn ready and get your wine ready. >> i love "black-ish" and "modern family." i think i'm most excited with muppets. >> i chatted with them. >> is there a reconciliation? >> that's drama. >> right.
8:30 am
>> looking forward to that. also ahead -- gma on the lookout. a family that caught a thief stealing from their garage. what's most disturbing is how did he get inside? >> a little disconcerting on this story. but first, this terrifying home invasion. a teenager sick in bed when burglars came calling. >> worried they may hear her call 911, she texted her mother for help who then notified the cops. abc's neal karlinsky has more. >> reporter: this morning, two suspects behind bars after a dramatic chase through the streets of sandy, utah, police pursuing a pair of alleged burglars who might not have been caught if not for a cool headed teenager and her mother. >> i was home sick and i heard someone knock at the door. >> reporter: it began inside this utah home, 15-year-old trinity home sick from school, alone, when she realized someone
8:31 am
realizing it's too late to run, she puts her phone on silent and sends a text message to her mom to call 911. >> i knew someone was trying to get in, so i started texting my mom. >> my daughter is home sick today and she just sent me a bunch of texts saying, mom, somebody in the house. i can hear him. >> reporter: trinity said she was afraid if she made any noise at all, the men might hear and find her. the 9111 operator tells the mother to let the police handle it, but he rushes home anyway. >> he's opening the garage. he's opening the garage. someone is opening the garage. he's backing into my garage. >> reporter: when police arrive, the suspects make a run for it. the chase continues as the suspects run out of the car, fleeing from the scene, and
8:32 am
they're eventually caught by police. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, los angeles. >> what a brave teenager. and we want to send things
8:33 am
our national forecast. to you by volkswagen. you saw that graphic, fall arooichs wednesday morning at 4:21 a.m. eastern time.
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i'm not just ready for what comes after fall. >> don't even go there yet. >> i'm always ready for ron. hello, again. good morning, everyone. we begin with the pope's historic visit to cuba. hundreds of thousands of people expected to pack revolution square. he'll celebrate sunday mass. he'll then fly to washington on tuesday. back in the u.s., the destruction from those two wild fires. authorities say 1,000 homes were lost in the two blazes. five people were killed and thousands have been forced to evacuate their homes. in new zealand, a tiger attacked and killed a female zookeeper who was inside the animal's enclosure. the zoo has three sumatran tiger considered critically endangered species. and finally, a love story caught on camera and heating up the internet. he wanted to propose to his high
8:35 am
school sweetheart, also a firefighter, he set up a live training exercise, complete with smoke in a burning building. one by one, handing tessa's roses. amid all the smoke, there he was ux down on one knee and popped the question. and her reply was, i need more time to think about this -- it's not you, it's me. >> it's not you, it's me. >> whatever that means. just kidding. >> of course she said yes. >> all right, ron, thanks, man. >> it was a happy ending. coming up on "good morning america" -- caught on camera, a brazen break-in. how robbers found a new way to gain access to your home. and your chance to own a piece of "star wars" history. perhaps the best halloween costume, ever. >> coming up on "pop news."
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"gma on the lookout." and this morning, we're asking,
8:39 am
how secure is your garage? >> that's after a family said they caught a burglar on camera breaking in and they're very concerned about how easy it was for him to walk right inside. abc's phillip mena is here with the story. >> reporter: good morning. this family said when they realized that someone broke into their garage, they went straight to surveillance video, and they were shocked to see a thief getting inside their home with a click of a button. take a look at this surveillance video of a man accused of sneaking into a family's garage in the middle of the night. >> somebody was in our garage and they didn't know we had cameras. >> reporter: the durst family says their home security cameras caught the thief riding away moments later with their son's bike. police haven't confirmed the claim but are investigating the break-in. >> she said say, hey, i didn't move that bike. >> my stomach flipped. >> reporter: david durst said
8:40 am
it's not what the thiefs stole from him but how they stole it. look at his hand. a something to remotely open his door. los angeles-based cyber hacker samy said he's created a $30 device that can easily steal and store remote codes used to unlock cars and garage doors. >> criminals and thieves have been using technology like this for years. >> reporter: expose vulnerables in remote controls. >> i don't think people should be scared, i think this will be a concerted effort in the industry to make this better. >> reporter: as it stands, there's one home burglar every 16 seconds. still experts say it's wise to continually change your remote codes.
8:41 am
>> you need to have a newer garage door opener that changes the code every time you use it. that still doesn't mean it's impossible that somebody couldn't intercept it. >> reporter: but back in central california the dursts say they're going a step further, they plan on moving out of their neighborhood. >> there are people walking around, in the middle of night, wanting to see what they can get their hands on. >> reporter: that infamous cyber hacker estimates millions of vehicles and garage doors may be vulnerable to car thief. >> otherwise, you can change your codes every couple of weeks, that's difficult. >> that's the whole point. he's trying to get manufactures to say, there's problem here. maserati in the garage. kidding, i don't have one. >> by the way, weather clicker
8:42 am
is more or less a garage clicker. i'm just concerned about you getting an idea there. >> i'm cool with that. coming up on "good morning america" -- a look ahead at the big contenders for tonight's primetime emmy awards. it's straight ahead in "pop news" with rachel. we'll be right back. news" with rachel. back from bank of america to take their act to the next level... before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time... 2% back at the grocery store... and 3% back on gas... vince of the flying branzinos got a bankamericard cash rewards credit card, because he may earn his living jumping through hoops, but he'd rather not earn cash back that way. that's the spectacle of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. pets are the best friends to have when you want to explore and take the paths less traveled! before fleas and ticks get in on the action, petsmart can help treat your pet, home and yard for infestations. now, save up to $10 on bayer flea & tick products. petsmart .
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by popular demand, second day in a row, in for sara, rachel smith for "pop news." >> lot of glamour today. it's a red carpet kind of night going on in hollywood. as the stars get cold up for the primetime emmy awards. andy samberg plays host to the three-hour ceremony. he's promising a fun show with a
8:46 am
there's a lot of speculation whether "mad men's" jon hamm will finally take home a statuette. nominated for 24 nominations, the most of any show. >> only 24? >> only 24. i mean, step up the game, guys. >> and jon's last chance. >> yes. the ladies, viola davis, in abc's "how to get away in murder," vying to be the first black woman to win an elite actress drama category. >> those two just have to look at a camera. >> and they're intimidated. >> they're such powerhouses. and i love those shows, too. i can't wait to hear those words "and the winner is --" moving on, iheart radio festival wrapped up with the jam session on the las vegas strip.
8:47 am
check it out. this is jennifer lopez here. >> bringing her "a" game on the stage. j-lo opened it up. >> that just grabbed rob's attention, by the way. >> j-lo also revealing to her fans her upcoming residency show is all ahead. that's kicking off in january. i'm so heading to vegas for that and also, nick jonas, he was another crowd-pleaser hitting the stage not once, but twice. >> that looks like you, rachel. is that you right there? >> it does look like you. >> it's amazing. it's so cool. you get the billboard top artists. chart-toppers out there, taking the stage, it's fantastic.
8:48 am
well, check this out, guys. "star wars" fans, you may be tempted to buy this piece of movie history. a original storm trooper helmet used in the 1980 film empire strikes back, is said to be auctioned next week in london. only a few known to exist in private hands. estimates will sell for $90,000. >> wow. >> wow. expensive halloween costume. >> it's been called the ultimate "star wars" collectible. >> that's a good idea. it looked more yellow. i remember it being white. >> exactly, 1980. >> come on, rob. >> is it worth 90 grand? >> finally, guys, this is incredible. if it hasn't already popped up on your social media feeds, you have to check out this megamontage.
8:49 am
along with "uptown funk." it is incredible. if you don't believe, just watch. >> "risky business." try to name the movies. "mr. deeds" -- >> they're going too fast. >> "despicable me." >> that was good, though. >> tom cruise. >> and john travolta was awesome there. >> they got "grease," "back to >> they got "grease," "back to >> they got "grease," "back to >> they got "grease," "back to the future" i mean, it's just brilliant. >> wow, that's actually really remarkable. >> not a bad song to have stuck in your head today. >> uptown, as i tell my kids, pump you up. this seems crazy. oh really? tell us something we don't know, captain obvious.
8:50 am
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the bright side of car buying. >> enjoy your last few days of summer, everybody. as this guys tells us, it starts wednesday.
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breaking just before 9:00 a.m. a shooting leaves three shot and two dead. the nypd is looking nor man after a hit-and-run in the bronx. police say he may have done the hit-and-run intentionally. a live look as the excitement is building right now in cuba. millions are gathering for mass led by pope francis at revolution plaza.
8:57 am
the busy day for the pope before he heads our way later this week. >> and good morning, everyone. you're looking live at lower manhattan from our cameras over in brooklyn, and it is a beautiful sunday, september 20th. mother nature is being kind, weather is looking beautiful. >> mild out. overcast, but we will take that. that's good thing. that's a good thing! good morning i'm toni yates in for michelle charlesworth. >> and i'm rob nelson. right over to amy freeze for the forecast. >> reporter: as things get underway, we have the last bit of the cold front sweeping through the area, and there's clouds over manhattan, and we are going through one world trade. the sun is trying to glisten a bit.
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